About makani media

Makani Media is a video production company based in the United States which tackles domestic and international topics. We specialize in stories about nature, science, culture, and the human experience. Past projects range from short documentary films, exhibit and educational videos, audio guide content, interactive online activities, social media content, and blog posts.


Elenita Makani Nicholas is a writer, videographer, photographer, and editor whose work explores the relationship between human cultures and the natural world. Having lived and traveled across the United States and the globe, she documents animals, nature, and human activity with her lens everywhere she goes.

She attended Georgetown University and Columbia University with diverse coursework in cultural anthropology, wildlife conservation, media and film production, exhibition design, and more. She’s produced and worked for institutions such as the American Museum of Natural History, the Smithsonian Institution, the East Bay Regional Park District, the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, the New York Transit Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Columbia University, and various documentary films. 


Reach out to us: info@makanimedia.com or visit our Instagram @makanimedia.